Python: Your first program in an Open Source IDE

(1) Objective

To learn basic input and output coding in an open source ide.

(2) Requirements

  • Download Light Table (
  • Write a program that outputs a question. This example might look like this: "Please enter your age"
  • Then let the user enter the answer: "Please enter your age: 23"
  • Use the entry for something meaningful (more or less): "Then you are of legal age."

Use Python 3 to program your little program. So you have to save your project as .py and you have to download Python 3 ( In your cmd you can write "python .py" and then your program starts.

(3) Expected outcome

  • A screenshot of your little program in the IDE
  • Provide the code on a repository in your account
  • A tweet or post on Facebook with the screenshot, e.g. "Made a #Python program with #LightTable at #FOSSASIA #GCI @fossasia @kushaldas @ThePSF"

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  • python
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