Open Event/Android: Develop a simple mobile app with a splash screen


Develop a Simple Android Application named '[your_name]' with splash screen and video and post it on your Github account. This tasks serves as a preparation to join Android development of the FOSSASIA Open Event App.


  • Understanding of Android SDK setup and development
  • Github account
  • Research about Android development

Expected Outcome

  • App has the following features:
    • Splash Screen displaying your name
    • Home Screen with background as your picture and text introducing yourself
    • A nice elaborate UI shall be appreciated
    • Include a little video showing the transition of screens after opening the app (either use the emulator or a real device)
  • Make a GitHub repository for the same namely '[your_name] Android App'
  • tweet result on your twitter or any other social network with a screenshot and link to your repository, e.g. "Yay! I build an Android app with #FOSSASIA #GCI http://link-to-your-github-repository @fossasia @hpdang"


Useful How tos:

Task tags

  • splash
  • android
  • about me
  • ui
  • mobile app

Students who completed this task

Rohyt, Amaan, Jason Park, Zaton, Lee Wei Jie, Rishabh, Yathannsh, David Pacioianu, Yash Mundra, pgellert, Abishek V Ashok, Poh Say Keong, Ronin, Shounak R, Arjun Bhorkar, Jeffrey Kam

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design