Drupal: Set up a drupal website and apply a free theme into it.


Set up drupal on local host, make a screenshot of the successful install and a photo of you in front of the PC (with install in background). The idea of this task is to educate students about CMS, so they can join the FOSSASIA admin team.


  • Follow installation instructions on Drupal website
  • You need to have a XAMPP/LAMPP/WAMP installed on your system to build this application.
  • Take screenshot and photo in front of PC
  • Tweet about your task on Twitter, Weibo or other tweet like channel or post it on Facebook, e.g. something similar to “Learned how to install #Drupal with #FOSSASIA #GCI @fossasia”

Expected Outcome

  • Drupal install running on local PC
  • Link to Tweet or Facebook post


Task tags

  • drupal
  • phpmyadmin
  • php
  • mariadb
  • mysql

Students who completed this task

Oana Rosca, Yathannsh, Aditya Singh, Mehmet Cagri Ari, seadog007, Ronin, Anshuman73

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training