Website: Add your photo to the GCI FOSSASIA Site Student Section and Tweet about it

1) Objective

We have put up a basic site on We want to develop a nice website with pictures of all mentors and students of Google Code-In. Please add your picture to the site in the student section.

2) Requirements

Step by Step

  1. Please sign up for github, tell your mentor your user name. He/She will invite you to join the FOSSASIA GCI students team.
  2. Fork the Website repository and make it run on your own repository with Github pages (more info here
  3. Add your picture in the image folder (Use the right dimension with a ratio 1:1) and in the section on the modify _data/students.yml.
  4. Also include your credentials (blog link, github user name, twitter, facebook - what you like) on the website modify _data/students.yml.
  5. Make a pull request to merge your changes to the original github repository
  6. Announce your work
    • On your blog
    • Tweet about your task on Twitter, Weibo or other tweet like channel, e.g. something similar to “Posted my work for #FOSSASIA #GCI on @fossasia @bkeepers”
    • Post about your task at Facebook or other social media, providing a link to FOSSASIA

3) Expected Outcome

Your photo and personal links are on the site and match the design.

4) Links

Task tags

  • website
  • bootstrap
  • html
  • javascript
  • css

Students who completed this task

Yathannsh, Aditya Singh, mborsch, marioscappini, Dhruv Ramani, Julian.Jäger, Robin Verhoef, Juanvhook, Shreyas Sanghvi, MarksPolakovs, Nastya, shiftsayan, Amisha Dobriyal, choyiny, Duc Phan Duy, pythad, Ching Hannie, Leow Yee Zhi, Ben Hiatt, Yekoss, Ian Hoegen, Delta, maitreyav, jaredStef, JLeow00, Jason, Asplia, Yasoob, Stenvh, Raheel102, archiebnz, PrundusVlad21, sarahgreisdorf, michaeljancen, ThatOneIndianDude, Anshuman73, JamMurz, Rohyt, Oana Rosca, Yash Mundra, Pol Baladas, eva, seadog007, Dani Pop, emanf9, Poh Say Keong, Ronin, LiveToLearn, Shashank

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • web Design