Make MediaWiki documentation translatable for your first time: just one page!

You'll be upgrading existing English text and translations so that they are translatable with MediaWiki's Translate extension, which greatly improves translation workflow hence making coverage of translated docs vastly broader. You must not add new translations yourself, that's forbidden by the rules.

Detailed steps available at

Before submitting this task, you need: at least ONE page marked for translation; and a total of at least 20 paragraphs imported from a previous translation (technically, 20 contributions in the "Translations" namespace, as visible from your [[Special:Contributions]] page).

When your work on this task is approved, consider the second task to show what you learnt!

Task tags

  • i18n
  • wikitext
  • translation
  • l10n
  • multilingualism

Students who completed this task

MtDu, Joserwa, mhutti1, Husun, Ioannis Kydonis, Anmol Wassan

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research