Inkscape/Design: Create image in Inkscape

Create vector image with formula in Inkscape

1) Objective

Learn to use an open source program "Inkscape" to create image containing mathematical formula.

2) Requirement

0) Install Inkscape

1) Pick your favorite topic in math/science/astronomy

2) Create relevant image files, containing key formula. If you have some fancy-looking formula, you might like a cool add-on textext.

3) Explain (or just talk about) the figure and the math/science concept behind them.

4) Write what you like about Inkscape and FOSS.

5) Create a document adding all above and share it online on twitter or Facebook.

(Example topics: how to find Ursa Major in a nightsky, 100 anniversary of Einstein's General Relativity, DNA structure)

(3) Expected outcome

  • A short document on your favorite math/science topic, containing mathematical formula embedded in an Inkscape-made image.
  • Link to a tweet of Facebook post

Task tags

  • free
  • science
  • foss
  • math
  • inkscape

Students who completed this task

Harpreet Singh, Sumesupe, Catalin, BPulmannova, superwoman7, Dani Pop, PrundusVlad21, Ronin, shiftsayan

Task type

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