Website/Browser/Geolocation: Get Geolocation from Browser


Geolocation service are part of many services on the web. Please implemented a function to get Geolocation from a browser using html and Javascript and tweet your site. Also add it to the GCI site section at


  • Create a small website with a button to get your current location.
  • Store values for longitude and latitude in variables and show them on your page.
  • Use html5 and Javascript to get your current location in your browser.
  • Upload it to github and a website.
  • Add a link to a) the repository and b) your site to the geolocation section of the GCI website

Expected Outcome

  • small html/js page with a button "get my geolocation"
  • stored values for longitude and latitude on page
  • code shared on github
  • page accessible on the web
  • site linked on a) with a link to the code and b) with a link to the working site (accepted pull request)
  • link to tweet or post on any other social network about the task, e.g. "Created a website at #GCI with #FOSSASIA to get #Geolocation check out http://my-geolocation-site @fossasia @hpdang"


Task tags

  • website
  • geolocation
  • javascript
  • html

Students who completed this task

barttlomiej, Yathannsh, Aditya Singh, shiftsayan, Yash Kumar Verma, Duc Phan Duy, pythad, Yago González, Andrei, Ian Hoegen, Yasoob, Hannan Ali, choyiny, Niels, Shashank, ThatOneIndianDude, Anshuman73, JamMurz, Jason, Oana Rosca, ng.xingyu, Mehmet Cagri Ari, Lee Wei Jie, Abishek V Ashok, Sharat, Ronin, JLeow00, schembora, VacMas

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design