Linux: Set up any Linux environment - Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian & Document the setup process


An entry point to open source is Linux, there are lots of open source operating systems available out there. Install one Linux distribution on your computer as a standalone operating system or as a dual boot.


  • desktop computer with resources to install Linux
  • backup your data

Expected Outcome:

  • A linux environment that’s set up and the documentation of the procedure the student followed to set it up.
  • Screenshot of the result of the terminal command sudo grep ubiquity /var/log/installer/syslog | less
  • Tweet the screenshot or post a message on Facebook or any other social network of your choice: Something like, e.g. "Installed a Linux distro with #FOSSASIA #GCI @fossasia @hpdang"


Task tags

  • setup
  • debian
  • lubuntu
  • linux

Students who completed this task

Sumesupe, Ecyoj, seadog007, Martin Markov, Dani Pop, Shashank, jatin7, Ronin, BobJoeTom, pvachher, Anshuman73

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research