Let's get you started: Learn HTML and CSS

1) Objective

The aim of this task is to help you understand basics of web development. The task includes finishing up a quick HTML & CSS tutorial followed by a small exercise to showcase your understanding.

2. Requirements

  • Please finish tutorial from Code Academy here
  • Create your own profile page with HTML and CSS.
  • Use your creativity to make it more attractive.

3) Expected outcome

  • Profile Page with html and CSS
  • Uploaded to github
  • show as github pages
  • Post a message about yout task at FOSSASIA Google Code-In on Twitter (Weibo or another service) e.g. "Made a page with #FOSSASIA #GCI #CodeAcademy today with mentors from around the world http://link-to-your-github-page @fossasia @bkeepers"

4) Links

Task tags

  • basics
  • codeacademy
  • html
  • css
  • github

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Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design