Website: Add at least three of your Code-In projects to the FOSSASIA GCI site and repository

1) Objective

Add your GCI projects (minimum 3 projects) a) into to the FOSSASIA GCI site and b) into our GCI repository and c) please tweet about it.

2) Requirements

  • Add screenshots or icons
  • Keep the size of the site small and ensure it works on mobile devices
  • Host your project on Github

3) Expected outcome:

a) Student Gallery

  • accepted pull request in the repository adding at least 3 projects that were not on the website yet
  • if it is a web project, please add your project in a sub page with a back link to the main page
  • add a short relevant text and/or image on main page in the right area e.g. student gallery or geolocation project area

b) GCI repository

c) Social media

  • Post a message about yout task at FOSSASIA Google Code-In on Twitter (Weibo or another service) e.g. "Added my projects to #FOSSASIA #GoogleCodeIn #GCI site. Check out @fossasia @hpdang @mariobehling @GitHubEducation"


Task tags

  • website
  • git
  • html
  • web technology
  • css

Students who completed this task

JamMurz, Sumesupe, Jason, Yathannsh, mborsch, Yasoob, Yago González, Dani Pop, Abishek V Ashok, Shashank, Duc Phan Duy, Juanvhook, Ronin, Nastya, shiftsayan, Anshuman73

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • web Design
  • assessment Outreach / Research