Wordpress: Set up a wordpress website and apply an Open Source theme into it

Please set up Wordpress on localhost and capture screenshot of the successful Wordpress installation alongwith a photo of yourself in front of PC running successfully installed Wordpress website.

Task will include following activities:

  1. Installing XAMPP/WAMP/LAMPP on your PC to run webserver on localhost
  2. Downloading Wordpress files.
  3. Extracting files in a folder inside public html directory of localserver.
  4. Running installation script after starting webserver and giving access to a database for installation.
  5. Installing an open source theme in fresh install of Wordpress instance
  6. Taking screenshot of installation and photo of yourself in front of PC.
  7. Sharing the success of your task on social networks.

Expected outcomes:

  • Successful Wordpress installation on local server.
  • Added new open source theme in your local Wordpress installation
  • Screenshot of above mentioned work
  • Photo of you in front of your PC with Wordpress installation onscreen
  • Tweet about your task on Twitter, Weibo or other similar channel or post it on Facebook in a manner like: “Learned how to install #Wordpress with #FOSSASIA #GCI @fossasia
  • Links to above mentioned posts and screenshots along with task submission

Tutorials and recommended reading:

Task tags

  • phpmyadmin
  • setup
  • php
  • wordpress
  • mysql

Students who completed this task

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Task type

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