Git: Learn Git from


Take up the tutorial from and learn the basics of Git. Showcase your skills by forking the FOSSASIA loklak repository at to your own account.


Expected Outcome

  • Screenshot of "completed tutorial"
  • Fork of GCI students page in gh-pages directory in your Github account and post link to it in comments
  • Tweet about task or post a message in any other social network
  • Add screenshot of completed tutorial to tweet
  • Example tweet "Learning #Git with #FOSSASIA #GCI supported by 50+ international mentors @fossasia @github Thanks!"


Task tags

  • basics
  • collaboration
  • git
  • github

Students who completed this task

barttlomiej, Ryan Yeo, nuboro, sajakkala, Jing Ying, JqiGao, Philip Chou, Autumn Equinox, Yi Wen, Nastya, Ishan Malhotra, shiftsayan, kush, Yash Kumar Verma, Skyhawk, Lee Yu Quan, kngoledge, Alaete, Diana Nguyen, Ehrick, Catalin, clarissaswift, Yekoss, tonyhhyip, carlos22, IcyPeachy, A-bau, Fu Nairen, MeritxellTorremorell, Suhail Singh Bains, Paarth, Rahul Narayanan, choyiny, BPulmannova, Allen Chou, Sciuridae, koru, Voidestructor, iangohy, Anshuman73, Oana Rosca, ng.xingyu, seadog007, notabigthreat, DisamWang, Ronin, coin3x, MDJ117

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research