Make sure an Apertium language pair does not mess up wordprocessor (ODT, RTF) formatting

(Depends on someone having performed the task 'Examples of files where an Apertium language pair messes up wordprocessor formatting' above). The task: (1) run the file through Apertium try to identify where the tags are broken or lost: this is most likely to happen in a structural transfer step; try to identify the rule where the label is broken or lost (2) repair the rule: a conservative strategy is to make sure that all superblanks ( ) are output and are in the same order as in the source file. This may involve introducing new simple blanks ( ) and advancing the output of the superblanks coming from the source. (3) test again (4) Submit a patch to your mentor (or commit it if you have already gained developer access)

For further information and guidance on this task, you are encouraged to come to our IRC (http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/IRC) channel.

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