Privly: Improve Development Guide

Our development guide helps people get started developing for the Project. As new developers on Privly, you will likely need to use this guide for the first time and will run into problems that many people in the future will also run into. We want you to make this guide better by adding details or tips to the guide that will help solve a problem you ran into.

(1) Objective: Improve the development guide.

(2) Steps:

  1. Complete one or more parts of the guide and record parts you didn't understand but eventually figured out.
  2. Improve the guide, which is written in Markdown, and submit your changes.

(3) Requirements: For us to accept the task, it needs to be of sufficient quality to publish into our development guide and be a substantive change. Basically, if we look at your change and say "that will help people!" we will accept the task.

Task tags

  • privly
  • documentation
  • guide
  • markdown

Students who completed this task

Ronin, seadog007

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training