Smalltalk: Hello World! Learn and describe how to create a simple webpage with zinc on pharo smalltalk


zinc is a http server written in smalltalk. in this task you will learn how to build a simple webpage using zinc on pharo smalltalk.

it is recommended that you start with learning pharo smalltalk first


download pharo from and follow the instructions in this tutorial:

when you completed the tutorial, change the webpage so that it contains some information about yourself and your photo.

write a weblog post about your experience and upload the resulting work.

(in pharo "select save as...", then save as "FOSSASIA-yourname" and upload the files FOSSASIA-yourname.image and FOSSASIA-yourname.changes)

Expected Outcome

a weblog post about your experience a smalltalk image file containing the website

your code from this task and your weblog post should be published under the following licenses: CC-BY-SA, GNU FDL, GNU GPL v2 or later.

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  • web
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  • smalltalk
  • hello world

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