Privly: Add a Test Case for the GCI Website

This screenshot shows how Privly currently displays links on the GCI website when you comment on your tasks. The link should be replaced by the content that Jason shared within the link, but the formatting of the GCI website makes the Privly extension ignore the link. Your task here is to capture how the GCI website displays links in the comment stream as a test case.

(1) Objective: Capture the way

(2) Requirement (step by step):

  1. Add a new page to this repository for
  2. Add a Privly link to the page as it is displayed on the GCI website. You will need to capture the way the link is displayed, which means the link will be displayed as text within a div element.
  3. Test the extension on the link and ensure it does not inject.
  4. Submit the code and screen capture to the task.

(3) Expected outcome: We have a test case we can use to add compatibility for the GCI website.

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