Python/Django: Create an About me web app using Django

Please create a web app to present personal details and achievements of yourself as well as create a personal blog to share your day to day experiences related to GCI and programming. The outcome of this task can be used as personal website hosted on “” domains.

Task will include following activities:

  1. Using Python+Django to create web app
  2. Create custom home page making use of templates
  3. Make use of static files and add transitions and effects
  4. Adding a section for personal blog
  5. Including section for comments and feedback
  6. Make use of external styles with Bootstrap
  7. Adding section for customised Resume
  8. Integration of feeds and input from candidate’s social profiles

Expected Outcome:

The submission should contain following features -

  • Welcome page
  • Blog
  • Resume
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Personal Feeds from social media
  • Contact Information
  • More functionalities which students find worth including

Tutorials and recommended reading:

Success Metrics:

Success of submissions will be judged on following parameters

  • Novelty of code written
  • Styling of Web app
  • Effects and transitions
  • Design language
  • Presentation
  • Color scheme
  • Idea
  • Usability

Task tags

  • python
  • django

Students who completed this task

pythad, Pol Baladas, Senibelan, Latterization, Yasoob

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design