Smalltalk: First Steps to Learn Pharo Smalltalk

Pharo is a development environment for the Smalltalk language.


your goal is to learn how to develop with Smalltalk in Pharo.


get the latest version of the Pharo By Example Book

read it and build the game in chapter 3.

share the game using one of the methods described in section 3.9, check chapter 8 for reference if you need.

don't hesitate to ask questions.

you can join us on IRC on with your IRC client or

or on the mailinglist pharo-users: register here: or here:

Expected Outcome

  • basic familiarity with Pharo Smalltalk.
  • your code commited to a smalltalk repo or to github.
  • ready to pick up more smalltalk tasks.

Task tags

  • pharo
  • game
  • smalltalk

Students who completed this task

Baidya, Jason, marioscappini

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