TiddlyWiki Presentation about IoT for FOSSAsia


TiddlyWiki is a small personal wiki editor that can be used for documenting or more likely presenting your works in the form of wiki. The way it’s organized enable us to post documents in hyperlinking mode rather than to read them sequentially. TiddlyWiki will use the same wiki-like features like in MediaWiki. That means that you can document your works in the form of wiki such as in wikipedia. You can download and get an empty sheet at

The task is about using TiddlyWiki for a Presentation about Internet of Things at FOSSASIA.


  • Please refer to the following previous task if you wish to work on this task: TiddlyWiki starter.
  • or find out about small presentation of TiddlyWiki and GCI from this link,
  • Learn about the wiki and use the hyper-linking feature and syntaxes from

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You can learn about using TiddlyWiki for presentations from

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  • wiki
  • tool
  • presentation
  • advanced
  • css

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