[WikiToLearn] Write your first Wiki bot!

The awesome and well-documented pywikibot tool allows one to access and edit a wiki* website with a simple Python script.

At WikiToLearn we could use such a program for many things, from automated checks to automated fixing of incorrect wiki text. Examples include:

  • Checking which pages have non-displayable math
  • Making a list of pages which handle definitions/theorems/proofs but don’t use the correct templates
  • Checking for common spelling/grammar mistakes

What are you waiting for? Make your own Wikibot today!

Get inspired (here you can find many, already developed scripts to take inspiration from) and then get in touch with the Bot Development Team to make sure your idea is useful, interesting and not yet developed, and then implement it into real code!

If you need help we are here for you!

Of course when you are done we will add it to our suite of automated testers and you will forever be in the history of WikiToLearn!

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  • python
  • mediawiki
  • wikitolearn
  • bot
  • scripting

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