[Marble] Center on loaded documents on Android

This task belongs to the Marble Project, where a new Android app is created and will have its first release soon. Be part of our team and contribute to an OpenStreetMap based navigation software with an easy-to-use user interface and beautiful vector maps.

Task Description

Please finish the task [Marble] Build Marble Maps for Android before working on this one.

When opening an .osm, .kml or .gpx in a file viewer and selecting to open it with Marble Maps, the file is displayed in Marble. In this task this behavior is extended to also center the map on the document contents. This feature is already implemented in the Desktop version of Marble and only needs to be activated in the Android version in a similar manner. See T1157 for details.


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The #marble IRC channel is the easiest way to contact us. Webchat here.

  • Dennis Nienhüser uses the nick name Earthwings. He is online in the evenings CET (central european time).
  • Torsten Rahn uses the nick name tackat.
  • Sanjiban Bairagya ues the nick name fewcha.

All mentors are subscribed to the marble-devel mailing list. You can also reach us individually:

  • Dennis Nienhüser at nienhueser@kde.org.
  • Torsten Rahn at tackat@kde.org.

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  • android
  • marble
  • c++
  • qt

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Imran Tatriev

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