[Marble] Fix mimetype declaration on Android

This task belongs to the Marble Project, where a new Android app is created and will have its first release soon. Be part of our team and contribute to an OpenStreetMap based navigation software with an easy-to-use user interface and beautiful vector maps.

Task Description

Please complete the task [Marble] Build Marble Maps for Android before claiming this one.

When Marble Maps is installed on your smartphone and you open any kind of file in a file viewer, Marble Maps will be offered as a choice to open the file with. In this task this should be fixed: The mime type registration needs to be more specific such that Marble Maps is a choice only for .kml, .osm and .gpx files. See T805 for more details on this task.


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  • Dennis Nienhüser uses the nick name Earthwings. He is online in the evenings CET (central european time).
  • Torsten Rahn uses the nick name tackat.
  • Sanjiban Bairagya ues the nick name fewcha.

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  • Dennis Nienhüser at nienhueser@kde.org.
  • Torsten Rahn at tackat@kde.org.

Task tags

  • qml
  • Marble Maps
  • Marble
  • c++
  • Android

Students who completed this task

Imran Tatriev

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  • code Code
  • done_all Quality Assurance