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Making an application ready for high DPI displays means that the application can be used at displays that provide a massive amount of pixels, whereas the icons and fonts are scaled accordingly to not look tiny. In this task, you have to take one application, enable high DPI pixmap support, check that everything works, and fix what is broken.

Application for this task: Step


  1. Get the source code: e.g. via https://quickgit.kde.org
  2. Compile the application and run it.
  3. Follow the steps in this blog: http://blog.davidedmundson.co.uk/blog/kde_apps_high_dpi to enable highDPI support
  4. Check if the application's layout is not broken, if you run it with a high pixel ratio: -> if everything works, document this via a screenshot -> if not everything works, follow the explanations to fix this
  5. Submit a patch via http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/ with the required changes to enable high and possible the fixes needed to have the layout working
  6. Report the link to you review request as well as a screenshot documenting that everything works.

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