GCompris: Adding few more characters to bonus

There is an image bonus which is initiated when we fail or pass the tasks given in the activity (https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=gcompris.git&a=tree&h=4c4ad4d73e84046939c4807b84807651499c10a1&hb=3edba37495a1f858fb5d4a46e7b9fae751a0db3c&f=src%2Fcore%2Fresource%2Fbonus). There are only few bonus characters. So, this tasks is to include more characters for lose and win bonus and update some activities to use the new images.

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Task tags

  • gcompris
  • kde
  • javascript
  • qt
  • c++

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StanfordL, RussellG, Sergey Popov, Divit Gulati

Task type

  • web Design