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MB: Write a proposal for localizing Markdown documentation

A proposal is in place to move MusicBrainz documentation to Markdown to improve the editing process. As part of this move, a system for internationalizing the documentation is needed. The student will research the available options and write a brief proposal on the method they deem best.

Their proposal should consider the following criteria:

  • Markdown documents will be stored in Git and updated frequently, so the proposal should address automated translation template generation
  • Translators should be able to quickly determine what parts of a document have changed and modify their existing translation only where necessary
  • There are a large number of internationalization frameworks out there; whatever method is proposed would ideally make use of common formats (such as XLIFF or PO) or procedures

Task tags

  • musicbrainz
  • internationalization
  • documentation
  • markdown

Students who completed this task

Stan Szczesniak

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research