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MeB: Create a MetaBrainz team page on is our foundation's official website and we want it to have a page listing our current employees (Rob/ruaok, Michael/bitmap, Roman/Gentlecat, Laurent/zas, (Frederik/)Freso, Nicolas/reosarevok, Christina/chrisskye) as well as the heads of MetaBrainz projects where those aren't MeB employees (ie., Alastair/alastairp for AcousticBrainz plus Ben/LordSputnik and Sean/Leftmost for BookBrainz).

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is creating this page. More information about the exact details to be put on the page will be provided once you've started work on it, most likely by Rob (ruaok on our IRC channels), the chief of MetaBrainz, but not a GCI mentor. :)'s source code is available at - the task should be "submitted" with a link to a pull request there.


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  • python
  • flask
  • metabrainz
  • jinja2

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