Write a blog post about Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu GNOME is an official flavour of Ubuntu, featuring the GNOME Desktop Environment.

Your task is to write a blog about something related to Ubuntu GNOME, it could be a review, an opinion piece, an overview of new features in the next release, an interview with one of our team members or anything else you think could be relevant and of interest to the general Ubuntu GNOME Community.

Requirements are:

  • at least 500 words
  • at least 2 images/screenshots included
  • Preferably this would be submitted as a link to a public online blog post somewhere (then we can share via our social media!) but submission of a mockup in PDF format is also fine.

You read more about Ubuntu GNOME on our website

Find us on IRC: #ubuntu-gnome on freenode if you need help

Task tags

  • blog
  • marketing
  • ubuntu gnome
  • outreach
  • ubuntu

Students who completed this task

Dacian, Harshni Priya, Aditya, Shashank, malevasquez, Jatin Luthra

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research