Install Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu GNOME is an official flavour of Ubuntu, featuring the GNOME Desktop Environment. Install it in a virtual machine or real hardware. You can choose from the last LTS release (14.04), the current stable release (15.10), or the current development branch which will become the next LTS release (16.04).

Make sure you are using the Ubuntu GNOME ISO image, and not a plain Ubuntu one.

For help see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Installation

Write a complete description using LibreOffice Writer, AbiWord or LibreOffice Impress of the installation process of Ubuntu GNOME using screenshots and tell us what version of Ubuntu GNOME you installed and why. Make sure to include a screenshot of the final running system in your report!

Find us on IRC: #ubuntu-gnome on freenode if you need help

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