Design a Haiku T-Shirt

Design a T-shirt for HaikuĀ users and/or developers. It can feature a tagline, showcase some killer feature, incorporate some illustration regarding Haiku, incorporate a haiku about Haiku, incorporate the Haiku logo (see http://www.haiku-inc.org/logo-design-details.html) , or be something completely different (but obviously still clearly pertaining to Haiku).

Be creative! Search the web for design inspiration before working on this, but you must submit a completely original design of your own creation that does not use 3rd party images from the web. If you create a design similar to something you found on the web, it is considered a derivative work and you should give proper attribution (i.e., credit) to that author by name with a link to their work. Failure to give credit is plagiarism and can be grounds for dismissal from GCI. When in doubt, design something unique. ;)

Submit a preview image of the t-shirt front and back in PNG format as well as your original artwork files ideally in vector format (e.g., PSD, XCF, SVG, AI, etc).

If you would like credit, please provide your name and join our mailing list to hear if we use your t-shirt design.

Be awesome, be creative, be inspired, be original. ;)

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  • graphic design
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  • t-shirt

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